About Us

The National Agency of Pet Grooming Schools Inc. (NAPGS) was established in 1998 to promote the highest standards of grooming skills and safety procedures for the Pet Grooming Industry.  We are a world-wide Educational Provider for schools and colleges that seek the highest form of education for their students.

Established in 1998

NAPGS is an International Company that supports Business Owners, Schools and College along with  Groomers around the world to promote growth in the field of Education for Groomers,  safety of the animals while in their care and custody and safety in the workplace.

NAPGS provides mentoring and mastery to Schools and Colleges that wish to provide the best educational training tools for their students.

Education:   Education in the Field of Pet Grooming takes on many forms world-wide, and the needs of individual schools and colleges are met by our diverse collection of training manuals, training guides and instructional DVD’s for the Educator.

Licensing: The organization was also formed to grant pet groomers  that test out their safety and handling skills along with their artistic talents and who meet NAPGS standards exclusive use of the Federally granted Marks on the following titles:

  • Licensed Groomer’s Assistant
  • Licensed Groomer of Achievement
  • Licensed Master Pet Stylist
  • Licensed Teachers Assistant
  • Licensed Master Instructor

By giving registered standing to the designation of pet groomer, the NAPGS bestows on the title a new measure of respect and recognizes the high standards of education, training and formal examination that professional pet groomer undergo.

In 2008, in order to preserve NAPGS’s rich history, we created a video that commemorates 50 years of Pet Grooming.

In 2012 we are bringing forward the Proposed Private Bill the Groomer Act in Canada that also safeguards both the pet companion and the consumers by making clear the difference between professional pet groomers and those unqualified to offer pet grooming services.

Internationally, we are working with other countries to do the same and bring the safety of pets to the front of the line.  At present all licensing of animal groomers is voluntary.  That being said many individuals have stepped forward and have tested their skills to the standards of NAPGS and have earned the right to call themselves “LICENSED”.  We are pleased to welcome all of those from many different countries that are proud to call themselves Licensed groomers and are proud to display their certificates in their salons.

New Asian Ambassador:  NAPGS welcomes Ms. Yamada to the team.

New European Ambassador:  NAPGS welcomes Mr. Mueller-Gastell to the team.

Objectives of the NAPGS

a)  uniting members of the animal pet grooming profession and promoting the character and status of the profession, supporting ethical business practices, considering questions of professional usage and courtesy among members of the profession;

b)  promoting the maintenance and improvement of the qualifications and standards of the profession;

c)  sharing information for the mutual benefit of the members;

d)  to represent the members and present their views to other 
associations and government and regulatory agencies;

e)  to work with government agencies to develop quality assurance 
procedures that can be endorsed by government.

Teaching Materials available to Members:

The NAPGS provides extensive training materials to teaching facilities and schools world-wide to improve your delivery of teaching grooming skills and safe handling of the animals.

The National Agency of Pet Grooming Schools is an independent organization that maintains strict control of its membership process. Any Professional Groomer may apply to be a member of the NAPGS and take the necessary tests to become a Licensed Groomer of Achievement thru one of our test centers.

Teaching Facilities and Schools any are welcome to obtain membership with the NAPGS and have the opportunity to network with other schools around the globe. Membership with NAPGS will give your school maximum exposure through our website and affiliated mediums. Once a member, your school will be listed prominently with all other members and you may proudly display your official association with the NAPGS.

The NAPGS also ensures that professional standards of instruction are met through written assessment of each student on completion of their course work with your school and the NAPGS simplifies complaint procedures should they arise.

Members of the NAPGS adhere to the NAPGS code of conduct. The NAPGS strives to:

  • Introduce a professional standard of instruction
  • Improve standards and quality at Training Centers
  • Promote a better understanding between students and tutors
  • Promote high standards of grooming skills with responsible attitudes and safety of the animals at all times
  • Promotion of written assessments to each student on the completion of the course
  • Simplify complaints procedures

Please take a look at our site. You may fill out an application form online or contact us with any questions that you may have mail to coaching@napgs.com