Professional Development

ANIMAL INDUSTRY/PET GROOMING MASTERY is The Revolution in Training and a One-Stop Mentoring Solution to Explode Your Income Results!

For Schools and Colleges we offer expert advise on your teaching requirements.  We can build a full curriculum for you or add to your training needs.  Manuals for both teacher and student are available to you as a member of the NAPGS.  Need tests or wish to offer Licensing to your area, we can do that for you as well.

Teaching Facilities need to think Global now, your growth as an Educational Center requires that you continue your growth in offer exceptional training materials to your students.  Your success will depend on the quality of teaching you offer both your local and international students when they enroll in your school.

We give you …

Personalised coaching and training, online or face to face Customized programs with discounts for sales teams Support to move you way beyond any challenges or obstacles Cost effective and powerful alternatives to “trial and error” learning Imagine the difference a personal coach and mentor would make to your confidence, to your educational training  and sales skills, and to your personal earning potential!


  • Eliminate Procrastination
  • Identify and promote your U.S.P.
  • Prospect and generate qualified leads
  • Secure exclusive clients with Vendor Paid Advertising
  • Effectively market your business
  • Work dollar-productively
  • Negotiate like a professional
  • Effectively market your business
  • Pre-empt and welcome objections
  • Ensure repeat and referral business
  • Ensure your documentation is correct
  • Protect yourself from loss of commissions
  • Design a personal Business Plan
  • Staffing with Professional Style

For the Professional in the Field:

Our vision to create a one-stop shop for Pet Grooming Professionals is now a reality. The site is still being filled with content and a few bugs are being ironed out, so please bear with us as this site will become your most valuable professional resource!!

Animal Industry/Pet Grooming Mastery is dedicated to empowering the lives of Groomers and Stylists, and by doing so, dramatically improving the professionalism of our industry.

Now with our online tools, tips, mentoring programs and resources from experts in the industry you will have everything you need to excel and build the business AND the life of YOUR vision. We look forward to being of service to you and supporting you in your success.


This is what every successful business aims for! The “tipping point” is the top of the mountain – the exciting point when all your effort begins to pay off!

Your activity becomes focused and dollar-productive! You are consistently working “smarter not harder!” You are spending your time with the 20% of clients who will bring in 80% of your income! Your bank balance is looking very healthy!

If you are serious about creating wealth through a PET GROOMING CAREER, then we are totally committed to your success! Our coaches are highly qualified, with successful experience in ANIMAL industry. Our programs are practical, skills focused and powerful. This custom-designed training will enable you to…

  • Secure more CLIENTS
  • Close more PRODUCT sales
  • Bank more money
  • Enjoy more leisure time

If you are:

Feeling overwhelmed by the day-to-day realities of a new career in the animal Industry
Needing a refresher in specific areas Looking for a guaranteed way of kick-starting your business again, … this personalized program is the answer!

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