For Consumers

This section will be dedicated to helping consumers find licensed pet stylists in their area.

The NAPGS is in support of Licensing Groomers all over the world, bring safety to the foreground for all animals in the care of the provider.

The NAPGS supports each Country around the world as they work with their Government Body to bring about advancement and professional conduct to the world of animal grooming.  Many countries are looking to bring Professional Acts to their country and be recognized as a Professional Groomer.  These Acts will introduce to the profession of animal grooming the educational requirements to be able to call themselves Professional Groomers.  These Acts if successful will bring about proper safety in the workplace for both animal and worker.  These Acts will ensure that the Public is aware of the training that each groomer has and the standard of training they have obtained to call themselves Licensed.

Presently the NAPGS has taken on the role to support the Canadian Groomer in their endeavour to bring the Proposed Groomer Act to their Government.

We need your support to bring all Groomers under one Governing Body in Canada allowing for Universal Testing to occur for all groomers to become licensed, thus elevating the education of groomers to a higher level in animal safety, hygiene and grooming skills. This proposed Act will bring about greater safety and hygiene for the animals left in the care of the groomer. We need your support, please email us or sign up to support this Act.

How to Find the Right Pet Groomer

For Consumers
This section will be dedicated to helping consumers find licensed pet stylists in their area, whether they are looking in USA,  Canada,  France,  Portugal,Poland,  Russia, Japan,  Malaysia, Thailand,,or anywhere in the world!

Licensed Pet Groomers are trained to listen, understand, and work with you to achieve effective solutions that meet your pet companions needs. As a client, selecting the right pet groomer for your animal companion is one of the most significant decisions you can make. You can select a pet groomer using a variety of methods.

NAPGS is a web-based, user-friendly, resource tool for members of the public who want to hire licensed pet groomer. Users have access to a comprehensive search engine to help them find a qualified groomer for their pet companion. You will have access to profiles of Pet Grooming Salons and Firms capable of helping you with your beloved pet. The National Agency of Pet Grooming Schools Inc. (NAPGS) was established in 1998 to promote the highest standards of grooming skills.

Direct Selection or Word-of-Mouth: You might select a pet groomer based on a personal recommendation, or seek out the name of one who has groomed animals that you like. Ask friends, acquaintances, co-workers and family for names of pet groomers they have hired and would recommend, though always call NAPGS to verify if the recommendation is a member in good standing.
Take time to interview a number of pet groomers before making a final decision. When you meet, the groomer will explain the process, how they work and how they charge for their services. They will also ask you in-depth questions about your needs and the needs of your pet. It’s important that you feel that the groomer’s approach to grooming is in line with your objectives, the needs of your pet and that both parties feel comfortable with the prospect of working together. Most importantly, always ensure that the Groomer you select is a member of NAPGS.

A key component of a successful pet groom is to focus on quality and care in the selection process. Quality-based selection involves comparing candidates based on criteria like:
• Experience in successfully providing similar services
• Overall history and reputation
• Management experience and skills
• Technical competence
• Unique value-added qualities, such as creativity and innovation
• Commitment to the client’s interests and the safety of the animals in their care.
• Quality of references

By taking these points into consideration, you can ensure you begin grooming for your pet with confidence that you have chosen a Licensed Groomer of Achievement who can groom your companion with care and talent from start to finish.

What Pet Groomers Do

Pet Groomers are creative, imaginative and artistic professionals who are also disciplined, organized and skilled in the safety and handling of your pet while it is being groomed. Combining knowledge with aesthetic vision, pet groomers work with clients and your pet and sometimes your Veterinarian to develop grooming solutions that are functional, support the health and safety of the your pet and themselves, enhance the quality of life of the pet companion and are aesthetically attractive. Groomers must satisfy the needs and resources of the client, adhere to code and regulatory requirements of the pet and encourage the principles of environmental sustainability.

While each grooming session can and is different and the scope of services to be provided varies, a groomer will generally perform the following services on your pet:
• Oversee the grooming process, including schedules.
• Analyze the client’s needs and goals.
• Analyze the animal’s health condition and overall coat condition
• Integrate findings with knowledge of grooming various breeds, trends and legal and regulatory requirements.
• Discuss preliminary grooming concepts that are functional, fiscally appropriate and aesthetically pleasing.
• Discuss and alert you to the animal’s acceptance of the grooming process and present final grooming design recommendations.
• Collaborate with other practitioners who offer professional services in the overall care of your pet and or grooming requirements
• Offer a safe environment for your pet companion that ensures your pet overall well-being while in the groomers care.