Our Curriculum

Training Manuals Available:

The National Agency of Pet Grooming Schools s pleased to offer your school or college our Educational Curriculum for The Pet Grooming Industry. You are now able to purchase our Licensed/Copy written Manuals for your School.

  • Grooming Fundamentals
  • Junior Groomer
  • Professional Groomer
  • Cat Styling
  • Enhanced Business Guide
  • Assistant Teacher Guide
  • Instructors Handbook

These training guide books are written in an Apprenticeship format to allow each and every student the opportunity to learn this “Hands on Trade”. Each manual gives the Skills and Knowledge outline for each step of training a Professional Animal Stylist. These manual allows for the student and the supervisor the ability to see where a student is during the entire training process and will aide in your ability to properly guide the student throughout the entire program with ease. These manuals are the Gold Standard for the Animal Industry.

Ghost Writing

The Ghost writers of the National Agency of Pet Grooming Schools are available for hire to write your own curriculums based on your teaching needs. We are fully able to meet your needs and exceed them with our writing talents.

  • Need a Procedures Manual
  • Need a Daily Teaching Curriculum
  • Need Tests written
  • Need Your Schools own Student Handouts

Curriculum Outlines and Teaching Policies

We can develop your own special curriculum Outlines and Teaching Policies and even write your day to day teaching program for you! We do all the research and writing to enable your instructors to do their job more efficiently and ensuring that every student is taught in the same fashion. Make your school stand out from the crowd!

Our Fees

Our fee for Curriculum Development and writing services is $175.00 per hour

Video Production and Editing

We can develop your own Training Videos to match your teaching and or enhance your training. Today’s students need to be stimulated by action and we can provide you with all the necessary CD’s /DVD’s that will make your business stand out from the crowd. These productions are personalized for your own company based on your own requirements. Match your curriculum with DVD’s! Our fee for Video Production and writing services is $500.00 per hour.

Course Durations:

We agree that standardizing course duration is a good way to ensure adequate time to properly cover the course content through both instruction and interactive activities. We recommend updating your material to provide more direction on the degree of comprehensiveness required for each session in order to give students more direction. One of the difficulties with changing the duration of the course materials is the differing levels of experience/background of course participants. The minimum duration of the course must be long enough to cover the material effectively without rushing those who take longer to understand it, while not disrespecting those participants who pick up the material more quickly.